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Padres vs Orioles


So glad to see Luis Urias put a good swing on one and drive it out to the short porch in right field.

Paddack has a lead and enough to get the win tonight and a quick 2 game sweep of the Orioles would be awesome

Go Pads !!!

How cool was it for Tatis and the Franimal to go yard on the first two pitches of the game....kinda set the tone for the night 🙂

Orioles are REALLY bad!

Who'd they get from LA for Manny?

And yes, Tatis and Reyes going back to back in the opening frame is AWESOME!

Tatis is generational and Reyes is fun as well. Unfortunately, Franmil just not slick enough in the field to hold onto. As much as I'd love to, I'm thinking AJ will need to package him with someone to bring in that left handed hitting OF we all so covet.

But we'll enjoy the fun while it lasts!

Go Pads!

Is Urias looking any better at the dish than he did earlier in the year? I know he's not hitting but does he at least seem like he belongs?

I sure hope AG gives him the next 60+ games to prove he belongs......or not. Only way to find that out is pencilling him into the 7 or 9 slot every day. We all know how difficult that is for AG but maybe just this once, he'll actually allow a young prospect to prove his worth.

Urias is definitely looking better at the plate.

Taking walks....hitting the ball with authority...just generally without success.


Urias is definitely better at the plate in his return ... much more contact / much more patience and taking walks. Also no luck on the ground balls with a few excellent plays plus just missing holes in the INF .. but with contact that should change enough for him to be successful. One aspect I am watching is is fly ball rate ... he is not going to be a HR hitter (more a warning track type power in the ML) so he must be focusing on line drives / ground balls. His HR yesterday (and the subsequent long fly to CF) could send him in the wrong direction if he gets infatuated with his "power".

His defense has been outstanding. The Padres have pretty much said he will the the starting 2B the rest of 2019.

Urias was about a inch from spitting chiclets out of his mouth last night on that lip burger.....Damn that was close.

He has been very good...just doesn't have much to show for it yet but it will turn. He will be fine

OK this is a good start ... and Baltimore is really bad.

Tatis HR - Machado HR - Hosmer 1B - Myers 2B ....... 3 runs, 1 out. All the balls were hit hard.

Urias makes another outstanding play at 2B and gets an opposite field line drive single ... that is the hitting stroke that will make him a regular.