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Padres vs Marlins

Everyone slumps....completely understand that.

But all of a sudden FTJ looks lost.

He doesn't seem the same at all.

Maybe he's not feeling well?

That's at least 5 straight strike outs plus he doesn't look the same in the field either.

Let's hope he snaps out of it soon...I really want him to give Alonso a run for ROY and with the number of HR's

he's hit,along with the lost 5 weeks,FTJ has little room for slumps.

OK, add Hedges to the fielding nightmare ... bad throw to 2B on the bunt ... out to CF and the tying run scores ... gives Miami an extra out (vs. the easy out at 1B) which opens the door to Miami adding on in the innings.

Not to pile on but Tatis’ effort to catch (or block) the throw in the dirt was not good ... standing upright and one of those sweeping glove stabs.

Not a good team effort in this series.

If I didn't know better it looks like the sweep by the Braves took it all out of them.

Again,I know this isn't true but it "looks like" they've given up.


Marlins announcers talking about how individually the Padres have 6-7 great defenders.

But collectively they've fallen apart in this series.

Five errors with three on Tatis.

Tailor made DP turns into 1st and 3rd...basically just gave them "two" extra outs.

Thank goodness Strahm pitched his way out of it.



More bad defense on a routine DP ball ... Tatis’ throw to Kinsler was slightly off to Kinsler’s right but Kinsler could (should) have caught it as it hit his glove squarely. ERROR. They gave the error to Tatis (and yes not a good feed) but I would give it to Kinsler since the ball as within his reach easily and basically bounced off his glove.

Could go either be honest though the throw was easier to make than the catch.

Then Hosmer just now saves Tatis from yet another throwing error.

Again,it just seems like his mind is somewhere else.

And also again it's hard to criticize as he has been money every moment of every game up to this point.

I'm just worried as to what may be a deeper issue developing or is it just a bad series for him?


OK, shifting today’s negativity to Hedges (as a reflection of most of the team) .... man on 3rd, 2 outs, 8th inning of a tie game needing only a single to anywhere on the field to take the lead and Hedges does the expected ... swings from his heels and, yes, strikes out.

At his age and with his experience he should know the value of situational hitting ... had to have a long string of coaches try to drill that into his head by now and either can’t grasp the concept or just does not want to. Might have something to do with overall swing and questionable ability to consistently hit the good FB.

Sometimes I wonder why do we have a hitting coach if hitters are gonna do wherever the hell they want

LOL....Wingenter looks badass on the mound but he is just bad.....again

Why did Lamet get pulled after just 4 innings?

His numbers looked alright. Is this AG overthinking again?