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Padres here Jayce Tingler

It’s just Jayce as in Chase.


Cheers David

I haven't heard anything stating that Balsely won't (or probably won't) be back. Rather, I've only read the extremely standard logic that this is Tingler's staff to choose and that it's unknown if he'll choose Balsely. Those two things are not the same, and anyone claiming otherwise is pulling a pure chicken little.

That said, if somehow he wasn't brought back, it'd be a tough pill to swallow.

This is from CBS Sports.

The best-case scenario: Tingler proves to be a skilled developer who helps the Padres' myriad prospects make the leap to the majors. The veterans love him, too, including trade acquisition Noah Syndergaard, who ends up starting Game 1 of the 2021 World Series for the champion Padres. Nine months later, a lot of San Diego-area newborns are named "Jayce."

The worst-case scenario: Tingler is Green but by another name, which is really a fancy of saying: the Padres continue to have a quality farm system because they consistently draft high and never consolidate those prospects into an impact-level big-league player. Tingler is fired midway through the 2022 season and the Padres trade Manny Machado weeks later.

As people are asking across the InterWeb about the Skip Schumacher "Associate Manager" designation: what's an "Associate Manager?"  I'll bite.

It means a year of weird wondering who is in control between the manager, the coaching staff and the front office.  Either Tingler is ready to manage in MLB or he is not.   Look at the staff he has "backing" him.  Rothschild is a former manager and from a big market.  Schumacher was a candidate in the NYM search and now has been promoted to Vice Manager, just in case something happens to Tingler.  Barajas was a candidate for mgr who would be an easy fit if needed.  AJP on the hot seat by all accounts.  Shelton is here because of his relationship with Manny, apparently, and has been a mgr candidate before IIRC.  Sorry Jayce, you may be dead already.  That's what happens to scapegoats released by GM's worried about their job.