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Minor League Discussion

Let's put discussions about Minor League affiliates and prospects here.

Questions for the Madfriars crew regarding Minor League rosters,players etc..


Which players have been released so far from the minors training camp?


Has Tatis Jr been reassigned to the minor league camp, and if so, which group is he with AAA? AA?

How will the Padres approach balancing "promoting talented youth" vs seeing what they have in the college players/returning talents that may have not yet performed? With all HS draft picks and 17-18 yr old Latin American players in minors camp, how will they find playing enough playing time for all these players? It seems to me like they could do with another full season affiliate to house all these prospects.

Quote from poolie on March 21, 2018, 12:41 pm

Which players have been released so far from the minors training camp?


So far we have:

RHP Zech Lemond

OF Dayon Olmo

1B Cole Rutherford

RHP Yimmi Brosoban

RHP Adrian DeHorta

1B/C Chris Mattison

Padres have acquired Diego Goris from the White Sox. Diego was previously with Padres org. from 2013-2017, playing every position except RF & CF.

Looks like AAA back-up INF (EP was light in that commodity).

I'm not positive that he's definitely in EP. He might fill a spot in San Antonio.

Remember that there are still about 8-10 guys who will be reassigned downward into El Paso, including one starting infielder and, depending on how it plays out, one starting OF...

When will the minor league rosters be announced?

I've read a lot of reports on a lot of our prospects this spring, most of them glowing. But I haven't read one word about Jorge Ona. Has anyone heard/ read anything or did the madfriars crew see or hear anything while in Peoria?

Rosters wont be announced probably until Monday/Tuesday.  As John noted in his last report the lower levels are already near completion.  It will be the movement of the upper levels that will take a few days.

Ona is in line to be the starting corner OF in Lake Elsinore.  Reports have been positive on him and the shape he came into camp with.  He's been driving the ball with more authority (this was all from Chris Kubiaski).  Bigger reason you havent heard much is the gluttony of prospects that have looked REALLY good in ST.  We have about 100+ prospects that are all noteworthy, its hard to write about them all.