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Last Weekend of 2019

So the season is coming to an end and to be honest I think this season has been very disappointing on many levels....

This team is either really bad or they just quit.....Win/Loss in Sept....7-18

There are guys on this team that are not Major League players but the Padres trot them out there so maybe the farm isn't as deep as we have been led to believe....a outfield of Naylor, Martini and Jankowski as opposed to one of Meyers, Margot and Renfroe.

Hedges either will not accept any help in regard to his hitting approach or the coaches have failed him terribly. His defense and how he handles a pitching staff makes him valuable but even though Mejia is a BAD defensive catcher with terrible mechanics, his hitting is a notch better.

The adage in baseball has always been to be strong up the middle defensively....Hedges, Tatis, Urias, Margot but that won't happen because of hitting

The corners are fine with Hosmer and Machado and they have done what I thought they would do.

Corner outfield.....Andy Green did a huge disservice to Meyers and Renfroe during his tenure here....instead of trying to help these guys he played with their head and never could figure out how to motivate or teach these guys

Pitching....some young guys with promise but again Andy Green was terrible in how he handled this staff during a game and he alone was at least 10 losses

The bench.....Kinsler was banished after his blank you to the fans and coaches....aimed at AG

Garcia will not swing at a 2 strike pitch middle in at the belt many times have we all seen it this year. Nice guy from Valhalla High School but he never learned the main rule coming out of the can't walk off the have to hit your way off.

Middle in is where big league players make their never get beat middle in belt high with 2 strikes...if you can't pull the trigger you don't belong on a major league team.

Lots of work to do this off season and plenty of questions to be answered.....Winter Meetings in San Diego so this should be fun or at least better than what we have seen the 2nd half of this past season

Here is hoping to a better 2020 and beyond......A World Series and the first no hitter in Padre history isn't too much to ask is it ?

I would settle for 82 wins just to mix it up 🙂

Go Padres !!!

Yes, the Padres need help in the OF and no, Naylor, Martini and Jankowski aren't major league caliber players. Until they are. The Yankees started the year with a far from Major league 3B. A guy who was barely replacement value. Of course, what does everyone think of Gio Urshela now? When you rebuild with kids, some work out, some don't. Our OF underperformed this year. Myers and Renfroe can rebound. We still need an infusion of talent. I don't see why everyone complains about Mejia's defense. By all accounts he was average this year. Yes he looks like a butcher compared to Hedges, but so does every other catcher in baseball. His bat is a plus. Especially for a catcher! We cannot ask for more than what he is giving us now. This team played playoff caliber baseball the first half of the year. If they can do it all year next year we will be in the playoffs. I don't think pitchers are the only ones who need to build up their innings. Position players need to do the same. Everyone on this team (except for Paddack who is a freak) faded down the stretch. Perhaps this year was just a stamina building year. If Tatis (our catalyst) can stay healthy all year, and Renfroe and a few others can keep up their first half production all year, this is a playoff team.

Tonight summed up the year perfect.....Machado, Urias and Hosmer all go yard.....up 5-1 late and serve up 5 ER including a Grandy for a 6-5 loss.....Ouch....again and sorry Jason....this is not anywhere close to a playoff team

This is a team that is already on summer vacation. They have been since they were sure they missed the playoffs.

It's finally over....shut out 1-0 to end the season