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Last 18 games & roster moves?

I believe tonight is Paddack’s last start.  #25, winding up @ 135 IP range, making 32 Starts & 180-200 IP feasible next year.  It dovetails perfectly with G. Richards & Nix finishing rehab & getting to get their feet wet a little @ MLB level this season.  They could piggyback, etc… plenty of options.

Richards & Nix will presumably push Morejon & Carl Edwards to the 60- day IL.

AA Amarillo has 2 (hopefully!) to 4 max games left.  When they’re done winning their championship, especially with Mejia & Renfroe being out right now, Torrens & Olivares look like “reward” lock callups.

But Pads should also select Ivan Castillo.  He’ll otherwise be a Minors FA, and looks to fit perfectly next year as INF/utility depth @ AAA.   All Castillo did this year is win the Texas league batting crown @ .313 BA:  7 pts > 2nd, 12 pts > 3rd & only 5 players @ .300 or better (incl Torrens), 8 players @ .290 or better.  Far above career avg, but hard to call a fluke with > 450 PA.  Only 20 BB = .347 OBP = T-11th in league (with Torrens, O. Miller, & Olivares:  4th, 7th, 10th respectively), but only 59 K in 452 PA = 13% K rate.  Also 5th in SLUG @ .461 with 43 XBH = 1 / 10 AB, plus 15 Steals.   Has improved Avg, Slug, & Steals each of last 3 years as he’s advanced.  Only 5 ER all year with 80-90% playing @ 2B & SS.

24 y.o. Switch hitting INF played more 2B than SS this year, but more SS his career plus some 3B & OF.  Looks & feels like a not infrequent “late blooming” Intl Signee who played in DSL in 2012.  Seems like no-brainer as depth option, BUT IF Richards & Nix BOTH return to MLB, AND Mejia & Renfroe BOTH in line to return also (i.e. none of these 4 are on IL-60 to finish year), the massive 40-man roster would actually be “full”; meaning a player would have to go.

There are 3 obvious options.  Robbie Erlin, Eric Yardley, and Seth Mejias-Brean.  Erlin definitely won’t be back in 2020, but this would be kind of a harsh “dumping” of the longest tenured Padre.  Yardley might & Mejias-Brean likely would get through waivers.   Seems like either guy might choose to return to Pads system in 2020 since Pads promoted them.  If they did get claimed, adding Castillo still seems worth it.