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Guesses on who is TRADED before opening day


For amusement purposes only ... which of the current Padres (and farm hands) will be TRADED before opening day in a ranking by likelihood (i.e. #1 the most likely to be traded). Limiting to 5.

Talking trades ... so NOT non-tenders. DFA, released, or claimed off waiver (and subsequently dealt). Talking a pure legit ML deal. Should add this should be not who we want to trade ... but who will be traded by Preller. My shot:

1. Hedges

2. Wingenter

3. Perdomo

4. France

5. Myers

1. Hedges

2. Lauer

3. Perdomo

4. A. Allen

5. Urias

1. Arias

2. Urias

3. Lucchesi

4. Myers

5. Allen

  1.    Myers
  2.    Lucchesi
  3.    Baez
  4.    A. Allen
  5.    Hudson Potts

1) Lucchesie

2) Quantrill

3) Morejon

4) Campusano

5) Myers

If we are going to make trades, and it seems everyone here wants and expects us to, teams will demand quality. Everyone needs pitching. 1, 2, 3 goes from Lucchesie(most experienced) to Morejon(most upside), with Quantrill in between on both. I don't see us giving up Gore or Patino, and Baez is already a proven quality reliever that I think AJ knows he will need in 2020. Campusano is a catcher with big offensive and defensive potential, which everyone wants and/or needs. AJ wants to get rid of Myers, so I expect 1 or 2 of the above players to be used to get rid of him.

There are many caveats I could use including whether or not we are able to sign a top tier pitcher as a free agent.  Nonetheless, I think these are the players the Padres are willing to give up and teams are likely to demand to land what we need in order to make the deal.

  1. Urias
  2. Myers
  3. Morejon
  4. Lauer
  5. Arias, G.

I thought about putting Arias on my list because I think he can be a main piece of a trade, but I hope AJP can hold onto him. Arias and Potts are both expendable in trades due to position blocks and I would imagine both would fetch a talented return.

I would really hate to lose Arias but agree he may be moved.

He is still improving and could become a superstar.

Considering  we have the left side of our infield secured for some time...and guys like Urias/Edwards at 2b.

.....there really isn’t a spot for him.

However......we may get even more for him next offseason.

Another year of offensive advancement for him could make him a top 100 prospect and much more valuable.


Agree that Arias needs a successful season in AA before he develops any significant trade value.

Sort of reverse the returns other teams got for Paddack, Naylor, Tatis, et al to gauge what they might get for Arias .... not game changing.

Well, 2 of 5 on my list were traded today.  The next big trade should be to dump Myers if we are truly going after that TOR starter but that might cost us another one of the two remaining players on the list.  Still think Boston or Cleveland will be a future trade partner.