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Edward Oliveras

Padres List: You guys are a little light on Edward Oliveras Is say. Dude is tearing up AA. I realize these lists are done weeks, if not months, in advance of actual posting, but do you not go in and update for breakouts, such as his? 

Eric A Longenhagen: Hmmm, he’s a r/r corner guy and we know very little about the offensive environment at Amarillo. Where should, say, Hunter Renfroe be on a list? Probably a 45? I don’t think Olivares has that kind of power but he has similar plate discipline issues. I feel pretty good about the 40 we have there.

BA sez ...

Brandon (Massachusetts):

    It feels like Edward Olivares is experiencing a legit breakout this year in AA but it doesnt feel like people are talking about it. What do you think the reason is? and do you think its legit?

Kyle Glaser: One thing to keep in mind is Amarillo is has a giant jetstream and is playing really hitter-friendly. I had one scout last night compare it to Lancaster - not as extreme to all parts of the park, but there are nights the wind picks up and really carries balls out. Most evaluators still see Olivares as an up-down extra OF at this point, but there have been some strides in the right direction. sez ...

Edward Olivares, OF (Padres No. 19)
The Padres added Olivares to their 40-man roster last offseason even though he had never played above the Class A Advanced level. But the club’s decision has aged well, as the 23-year-old outfielder has made offensive strides on all fronts this season, hitting .288/.357/.461 with 17 homers and 33 steals in his first Double-A campaign.

From today's DFR ...

Outfielder Edward Olivares hit his 18th homer as part of a multi-hit night. Olivares’ bomb was his first in two weeks and just his second in August. The 23-year-old outfielder has cooled off considerably this month but the underlying numbers are still encouraging. Olivares’ 17% K-rate this month is right in line with what he has produced all year and he is still walking in 8% of his plate appearances. His BABIP is just .247 which is roughly 80 points below his season average.

Video of "the hit of the year" in "the game of the year" for AA Amarillo in Game 1 of the Texas League Championship Series ...

Ian (Florida):

    What’s your thoughts on what Edward Olivares 2020 season looks like? Great year in AA last year and looks ready, but no where to play in that OF.

Kyle Glaser: He's making all the right improvements. You liked the look and the athleticism in Elsinore last year, but the actual game play was pretty underwhelming (late jumps, bad routes, average run times on the bases, etc). He improved all of that in Amarillo last year. He's still a tick below average defensive outfielder in terms of the ground he covers, but if he makes another jump and becomes a tick above average, then we can start talking about him as part of the Padres outfield rotation.


Michael (San Diego):

    Totally unreasonable to think that Edward Olivares could spend more years kicking around the big leagues than Trammell?

Kyle Glaser: Not at all. If Trammell's swing improvements don't hold and Olivares keeps improving at the rate he has, Olivares is going to be in the big leagues significantly longer.