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Contract Mulligan of "Poof" Rule

Listening to Steve Phillips and CJ Nitkowski this morning on the way into work and Phillips brought up the fact that in the NBA and the NHL each year, each team can basically get a mulligan/eliminate one contract. The team still needs to pay the player, but the money doesnt count against the salary cap. So they tried to apply that concept to MLB where a team could make a contract go "Poof" and totally have the money savings. Of course they did not mention SD, at least while I was listening, so now I propose this idea on here.

So if you could make one SD contract go away, whose would be? I think the two choices are Hosmer or Myers, maybe someone might think Machado, although I doubt that.

I have a hard time trying to chose. Myers to me is a bigger disappointment clubhouse wise, but Hosmer's contract is longer and is blocking Naylor, who might offer the same bat for league minimum. Myers has better tools to dream on, but Hosmer seems like he is really liked in the clubhouse, and I do think that chemistry in a clubhouse is still important. And I think Hosmer has a better chance to become what we signed.

So with that said, I would "Poof" the Myers contract, but I am not sold on that point of view. I am interested in others opinion.


Hosmer is by far the better choice to keep.. LHB ..glue guy. Team leader ..consistant you know 20-25 Bombs 90-100 RBIS.. And .260-.300 BA with OBP skills...

Myers is an ultra gifted athlete with Speed/Power that should rival Trout.. Looks like Tarzan plays like Jane and Cries like a spoil brat.. Easy choice p

I would vote for Hosmer. He was being paid too much since he first signed the contract. His contract will be hamstringing us for a much longer time. Besides which if Naylor does not pan out  Myers best position is 1B. Myers will be much easier to get rid of. Anyone would rather only be stuck with a 3 year contract as opposed to 6. Myers is movable. Hosmer absolutely is not.

A bit unclear here ... does the player become a FA (although getting paid)? Or does the player remain just his contract is excluded from the salary cap? Makes a difference ... at least for a club with salary cap issues ... not the Padres who are not near the salary cap and maybe have more of a cash flow issue (which this does not help).

If the player stays to fulfill the contract term .... just exclude the biggest contract to give the most flexibility under the cap (for the Padres ... Machado)

If the player becomes a FA probably go with Myers (about the same cost as Hosmer for the next 3 years but less productive) then make the call on Hosmer or Machado in year 4. Keeping in mind that Hosmer does have an opt out for year 4 and can be traded After this season but before 10-5 rights kick in 3 years.  Machado I don’t believe has no trade rights (until 10-5 sets in in 4 years).

In the FA case ... except for salary cap relief which does not impact the Padres ... no different that just releasing the player. Sounds like a proposal to benefit the big market teams with money who have made foolish signings. Could save them some penalties while allowing them to spend more on elite players driving up the cost to the other teams. Players’ Union would like it. Most teams would not ... not even sure the big money teams would be on-board since the cap gives them a bit of an excuse to limit their spending.

Not that it matters much, but in the NBA and NHL, the players keep the money and becomes a FA again. And the team, which I believe both leagues have true salary caps, get the cap relief, but still have to pay the player out of their funds.

So Hector Olivera would not count against the Padres "cap". Basically dead money would not count vs. the cap.

Quick look and thinking only two teams seem to benefit in 2020: Boston (w/Rusney Castillo) and NYY (w/ Ellsbury and Encarncion) unless some team that is under the cap really wants a big signing that would cross the line and is ready to drop a player and eat a contract.

Since cash is king .... still seems like a get out of jail free card for the wealthiest teams.


It doesn't work. With only a soft cap it just benefits the the 4-5 teams that are actually near it.

I actually don't think baseball players deserve fully guaranteed contracts. You have double the roster of an NBA team and no pitcher is contributing the equivalent of 40mins a game. The way certain teams operate the individual contracts have bubbled upward tilting spending massively in favor of elite players. Elite players have the same injury risk as any other. Meaning that lower payroll teams have massively increased risk in competing for talent.

MLB equalized earnings is 291m at 50% that's a 145m payroll. Within the NHL you have the most similar roster construction and they max out at around 10% cap. That means individual players should only be earning around 15m.