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Battle for 1st @ SF 5/7 - 5/9

Winner of this series stands alone in NL West with LAD looking up...


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Wow.  Here's a look at Pads careers vs. SF's "big 3" RHP.  Only those with 5+ career AB...

DeSclafini:   Manny 3-12 HR, Myers 1-11, Hos 1-10, Pham 3-8, Tatis 1-6 HR, Profar 1-5 HR, Caratini 2-5, Jake 2-5

Gausman:    Profar 3-10, Pham 4-8, Manny 2-8, Hos 3-7, Grisham 2-7, Myers 0-6, Jake 0-6, Tatis 2-5 HR

Cueto:  Myers 4-23 HR (.174), Manny 5-11 HR, Tatis 1-8 HR, Pham 1-7, Grisham 1-7, Hos 2-6, Jake 1-5

These P's have absolutely killed Myers to the tune of 5-40, HR = .125   ...But Pham is 8-23 = .348

I look for Manny 10-31, 2 HR = .323  and Tatis 4-19 but 3 HR  to live up to their star billing & come up big in this huge series!

Wil's struggles vs these P's lend credence to my "recall O'Grady for Kim" idea; but Pham's history of success, Kim's insane glovework the last 3 games, fact that AAA is just starting (not calling up a "hot bat"), plus simply the marquee importance of the series makes it unlikely.  After Pirates series, I could definitely see Kim getting inserted defensively with a 1-2 run lead late.

I'd probably go:  Tatis, Grisham, Machado, Hosmer, Pham, Jake, Myers, C  game 1.  Profar  (for Myers)  games 2 & 3?

More likely Tingler goes Profar for Pham 1 of 1st 2, so each corner OF starts 2 of 3.