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AZL Padres

The blurb in today's Daily Farm Report about the AZL players got me excited ...

Prospect Watch:  With very few members of either AZL Padre club hitting, prospect watch once again turns to Tucupita Marcano.  The 2016 J2 signee has done nothing but hit this year.  He currently has a five game hitting streak (9-for-21), has walked twice as much as he has struck out (12 to six) and the only game this year he did not reach base safely via a hit or a walk, he still got on (HBP) and stole a base.  Over the last week he has “cooled off” to only hitting .375/.429/.458. … Big lefty Joey Cantillo continues his impressive run through the AZL. The 18-year-old lefty – despite being drafted last year, he’s one day younger than Ryan Weathers – allowed his first run, but not until he’d reached 18 innings of work for the year. The Hawaiian got sixth-round money to bypass his commitment to the University of Kentucky last summer. With an easy fastball and improved ability to throw his breaking ball for strikes in the zone, he’s making the decision look like a good one.


Question: How is that Tucupita Marcano only hit .206/.337/.253 in 209 PAs at DSL last summer?

Stats in the DSL are only a slightly better predictor of future production in the minors than astrological signs and favorite colors.

Leo! BLUE!


Padre Brown!

Name Position Team
Yainer Diaz Catcher Indians 2
Stanley Martinez First Base Rangers
Tucupita Marcano Second Base Padres 2
Fidel Mejia Third Base Cubs 2
Frainyer Chavez Shortstop (tie) Rangers
Brayan Rocchio Shortstop (tie) Indians 2
Miguel Jerez * Outfield Indians 1
Ruben Cardenas Outfield Indians 1
Anderson Comas Outfield White Sox
Nick Gatewood Designated Hitter Padres 1
Taylor Varnell Left-handed Pitcher White Sox
Richard Morban Right-handed Pitcher Athletics
Rigo Fernandez Left-handed Reliever White Sox
Tom Colletti Right-handed Reliever Padres 1
Carmelo Martinez Manager Cubs 1

Carmelo Martinez is the manager?



I have not studied this "FaBIO" stat ... but it seems interesting ... here's info on AZL pitchers, from a comment a ...

2018 Arizona League FaBIO Ratings

Percentile Ratings vs League SP or League RP Qualifiers
97 is plus plus, 84 is plus, 50 is average, 16 is minus, 3 is minus minus

Posted  by reillocity  on Sep 10, 2018 | 6:23 PM   


2018 Prep Draft Signees

Lenny Torres (CLE, 77 BF,11 BF/G,94 Youth): 98 Overall,75 Ctl,98 K,87 Batted Ball (84 GB,93 IFFB,14 LD Avoid,100 OFFB Avoid,96 PullOFFB Avoid)
Nick Thwaits (SD, 109 BF,14 BF/G,75 Youth): 96 Overall,37 Ctl,97 K,98 Batted Ball (94 GB,25 IFFB,99 LD Avoid,49 OFFB Avoid,80 PullOFFB Avoid)
Levi Kelly (ARI, 23 BF,6 BF/G,92 Youth): 80 Overall,75 Ctl,60 K,82 Batted Ball (50 GB,92 IFFB,80 LD Avoid,57 OFFB Avoid,63 PullOFFB Avoid)
Kohl Franklin (CHC, 38 BF,8 BF/G,95 Youth): 72 Overall,33 Ctl,32 K,100 Batted Ball (4 GB,96 IFFB,100 LD Avoid,0 OFFB Avoid,9 PullOFFB Avoid)
Ryan Weathers* (SD, 42 BF,11 BF/G,84 Youth): 63 Overall,60 Ctl,37 K,83 Batted Ball (100 GB,14 IFFB,86 LD Avoid,99 OFFB Avoid,92 PullOFFB Avoid)
Leury Tejada (TEX, 74 BF,9 BF/G,97 Youth): 60 Overall,61 Ctl,54 K,56 Batted Ball (34 GB,40 IFFB,56 LD Avoid,24 OFFB Avoid,67 PullOFFB Avoid)
Braydon Fisher (LAD, 103 BF,9 BF/G,99 Youth): 60 Overall,51 Ctl,40 K,86 Batted Ball (29 GB,84 IFFB,79 LD Avoid,26 OFFB Avoid,48 PullOFFB Avoid)
Justin Jarvis (MIL, 83 BF,8 BF/G,97 Youth): 55 Overall,75 Ctl,39 K,47 Batted Ball (14 GB,100 IFFB,13 LD Avoid,76 OFFB Avoid,21 PullOFFB Avoid)
Alberto Gonzalez (CIN, 106 BF,7 BF/G,94 Youth): 50 Overall,30 Ctl,43 K,86 Batted Ball (9 GB,96 IFFB,66 LD Avoid,16 OFFB Avoid,59 PullOFFB Avoid)
Holden Laws* (SEA, 51 BF,6 BF/G,96 Youth): 38 Overall,92 Ctl,19 K,16 Batted Ball (3 GB,89 IFFB,11 LD Avoid,18 OFFB Avoid,9 PullOFFB Avoid)
Ethan Hankins (CLE, 14 BF,7 BF/G,98 Youth): 27 Overall,82 Ctl,100 K,0 Batted Ball (1 GB,2 IFFB,0 LD Avoid,100 OFFB Avoid,97 PullOFFB Avoid)
Theo McDowell (TEX, 79 BF,7 BF/G,87 Youth): 18 Overall,35 Ctl,3 K,87 Batted Ball (93 GB,27 IFFB,81 LD Avoid,82 OFFB Avoid,94 PullOFFB Avoid)
Wade Beasley (MIL, 48 BF,10 BF/G,96 Youth): 17 Overall,77 Ctl,0 K,78 Batted Ball (55 GB,30 IFFB,72 LD Avoid,32 OFFB Avoid,90 PullOFFB Avoid)
Reese Olson (MIL, 45 BF,11 BF/G,77 Youth): 13 Overall,26 Ctl,3 K,79 Batted Ball (100 GB,8 IFFB,61 LD Avoid,99 OFFB Avoid,99 PullOFFB Avoid)
Tyler Mortensen* (SD, 113 BF,10 BF/G,91 Youth): 7 Overall,2 Ctl,26 K,34 Batted Ball (62 GB,16 IFFB,56 LD Avoid,41 OFFB Avoid,32 PullOFFB Avoid)
Damon Casetta-Stubbs (SEA, 41 BF,7 BF/G,94 Youth): 4 Overall,40 Ctl,15 K,1 Batted Ball (51 GB,12 IFFB,1 LD Avoid,82 OFFB Avoid,21 PullOFFB Avoid)
Yomil Maysonet (CIN, 35 BF,9 BF/G,97 Youth): 4 Overall,59 Ctl,7 K,1 Batted Ball (32 GB,43 IFFB,0 LD Avoid,85 OFFB Avoid,48 PullOFFB Avoid)
Jacob Gilliland (LAD, 91 BF,7 BF/G,97 Youth): 1 Overall,5 Ctl,6 K,13 Batted Ball (6 GB,48 IFFB,54 LD Avoid,3 OFFB Avoid,3 PullOFFB Avoid)
Luis Gonzalez (MIL, 62 BF,9 BF/G,92 Youth): 1 Overall,6 Ctl,2 K,18 Batted Ball (16 GB,51 IFFB,41 LD Avoid,16 OFFB Avoid,17 PullOFFB Avoid)

Posted  by reillocity  on Sep 10, 2018 | 6:27 PM    


Interpretive stances

  • Torres showed surprisingly strong K ability and a rather robust all-around profile; a definite Top 50 Pitching Prospect List member this offseason
  • Thwaits, a 6’2" 195-lb 15th-rounder from Ohio’s Fort Recovery High School (enrollment 281), happens to be the oldest ’18 prep pitching signee and should be moved along aggressively next spring/summer semi-relatedly and even more so after flashing such dominant out-generation skills in the AZL; slot Thwaits within your Top 100 Pitchers and Top 20 Padres Prospects now and tip FaBIO later.
  • Kelly showed several above-average fundamentals over a small sample but seems shy of a dominant skill, and that should have him teetering on the edge of being a viable Top 100 Pitching Prospect List candidate
  • Tejada and Fisher seem to have a solid base of fundamentals but it may take a fair bit of development and time to extract stronger performance out of them
  • Weathers displayed dominant GB skills (and later over 3 full-season Midwest League G) but has not shown much K ability, calling the caliber of his offspeed repertoire into question; he might fall inside the Top 100 Pitchers but outside the Top 50 Pitchers once the MWL numbers roll in
  • Owing to the strong K/CTL marks, Hankins should not be dismissed on account of a 27 Overall that stems from 5 of the 7 batted balls being LD; that so many were LD may hint at a straightness/hittability quality to his primary fastball; still a probable Top 100 Pitching Prospect List member
Posted  by reillocity  on Sep 10, 2018 | 6:40 PM    

Others of Interest

Maikel Aguiar (CHC, 126 BF,13 BF/G,12 Youth): 100 Overall,89 Ctl,100 K,84 Batted Ball (67 GB,98 IFFB,65 LD Avoid,90 OFFB Avoid,58 PullOFFB Avoid)
Jacob Lopez* (SF, 95 BF,11 BF/G,40 Youth): 100 Overall,84 Ctl,100 K,92 Batted Ball (75 GB,97 IFFB,90 LD Avoid,81 OFFB Avoid,22 PullOFFB Avoid)
Yerry Rodriguez (TEX, 158 BF,20 BF/G,30 Youth): 99 Overall,96 Ctl,99 K,47 Batted Ball (57 GB,74 IFFB,45 LD Avoid,73 OFFB Avoid,16 PullOFFB Avoid)
Joey Cantillo* (SD, 183 BF,17 BF/G,84 Youth): 97 Overall,71 Ctl,97 K,85 Batted Ball (94 GB,56 IFFB,75 LD Avoid,94 OFFB Avoid,76 PullOFFB Avoid)
Efrain Contreras (SD, 171 BF,19 BF/G,85 Youth): 83 Overall,80 Ctl,72 K,69 Batted Ball (13 GB,85 IFFB,86 LD Avoid,7 OFFB Avoid,14 PullOFFB Avoid)
Mike Garcia (CLE, 116 BF,17 BF/G,93 Youth): 80 Overall,45 Ctl,99 K,3 Batted Ball (1 GB,100 IFFB,1 LD Avoid,42 OFFB Avoid,1 PullOFFB Avoid)
Tahnaj Thomas (CLE, 80 BF,10 BF/G,93 Youth): 78 Overall,43 Ctl,93 K,37 Batted Ball (89 GB,19 IFFB,98 LD Avoid,41 OFFB Avoid,0 PullOFFB Avoid)

Posted  by reillocity  on Sep 10, 2018 | 6:28 PM    

Can you help us old dudes out on what this means?

(SD, 109 BF,14 BF/G,75 Youth):




 (94 GB,25 IFFB,99 LD Avoid,49 OFFB Avoid,80 PullOFFB Avoid)


I assume GB is "ground ball"?...but IFFB?

If this is "infield fly ball and outfield fly ball" and "line drive",what are these numbers telling us?


Help a brutha out with interpreting this......


BF = Batters Faced

BF/G = Batters Faced per Game

I just google'd "FABIO baseball stat" and found this info ...

Ratings displayed include OVR (Overall Performance), CTL (Control), K (Strikeout), BAT (Batted Ball Profile), and YOUTH. The batted ball profile can be further broken down with attention to GB (Groundball), IFFB (Infield Flyball), LD (Line Drive), OFFB (Outfield Flyball) and POFB (Pull-Third Outfield Flyball) Ratings with an up arrow to the right of the abbreviation indicating the ability to get the event and a down arrow indicating the ability to avoid the event. The FaBIO Rating numbers are expressed on a 100 to 0 scale representative of the percentage of league peers (either SP or RP) that the player stood to be beat on the stat: 97 is plus plus, 84 is plus (anything higher is highlighted with a green box), 50 is league average, 16 is minus (anything lower is highlighted by a red box), 3 is minus minus.


Each nonbunt plate appearance is sorted into 1 of the following 12 categories, and the pitcher is charged with the league's typical 2016 runs value for said event.

1. BB or HBP, 2. K, 3. IFFB, 4. GB to pull-third, 5. GB to center-third, ..., 7. LD to pull-third, ..., 12. OFFB to oppo-third

Each pitcher's final runs per plate appearance value is compared to the league peer group's mean and standard deviation for that parameter to obtain their Overall Rating. A Batted Ball Rating is determined similarly after omitting all BB+HBP or K events (individual components of the Batted Ball Rating are also computed such as GB Rating, IFFB Rating, etc., using GB per batted ball, IFFB per batted ball, ...). A Control Rating (using BB+HBP per PA) and K Rating (using K/PA) are also determined. A Youth Rating is determined by comparing the pitcher's age relative to the mean and standard deviation (SD) for that role (SP or RP) in their league (the reliever sample in a league tends to be a year or two older, on average).

Each rating will be expressed on a 100 to 0 scale where the number indicates the expected percentage of league peers beaten on the stat. 50 denotes league-average, with 84 being one SD above league-average ("plus", indicated by a green number in tables), 97 being two SD above league-average ("plus plus"), 16 being one SD below league-average ("minus", red number in tables), and 3 being two SD below league-average ("minus minus"). Asterisks denote southpaws.

Padres 11th round pick Nick Gatewood, a catcher from Georgia State University led the league in most offensive categories. It's unusual for a college draftee to spend the entire season in the AZL but Gatewood was hurt most of the season, spending the majority at designated hitter. Fellow Padre Augustin Ruiz led in runs, triples and strikeouts ...

The Padres (they had two squads) also had the batting champ in Tucapita Marcano (.395). Marcano also led in OBP and OPS.