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Anderson Espinoza

For the record ...

From Eric Longenhagen chat at FG ...

Doug: any word on how Espinoza and Gore have looked so far? 

Eric A Longenhagen: Gore has been a lot of 92-95 t97, Espinoza has been 93-96 but the other stuff is spotty

The fact that Espinoza is already throwing two innings, makes me think the Padres will fast track him to Elsinore a bit earlier than Paddack last year.

When it comes to Espinoza we really need to remember that this is the second time he has faced batters in a game since early 2017.  If he had total control and command already I would be floored.

He looked good when I saw him last week, and you could tell he wasnt trying to over extend himself on the mound (hence why Emily said 80%)

Espinoza removed form his start after only ONE batter.

Please please please be a blister!


Remind me where Espinoza came from ? Boston? Florida?

Boston....for Drew Pomeranz



Quote from David Nevin on March 29, 2019, 3:02 am

Boston....for Drew Pomeranz



Cheers GHOF.

"Whew"...  (cautious exhale)

A bit off topic( my apologies) but who was the young pitcher we got from Florida but had to send back due to Rea having the bad arm? And where is that young pitcher now?

That would be Luis Castillo, who had an excellent start yesterday for the Reds. I believe he was traded to the Reds for Dan Straily.