While some teenagers who will spend the year in Low-A (and one who will be in the upper minors) have already received plenty of visibility in major league camp action, the full minor league system is just now getting up to speed on the back fields at Peoria Sports Complex.

Spring training on the minor league side runs on a much more compressed timeline than the big league operation, with only two weeks of formal games before assignments are made for the four full-season clubs. Position players who weren’t in for minicamp only hit the field as a group for the first time this week.

That doesn’t give the player development team very long to work their way through evaluation of the 181 players – and counting as players come down from the big league club – who are in camp.

The roster this year represents a major departure from what arrived last March. Only 25 players in camp remain from before the arrival of A.J. Preller. Nearly 20 players from the highly-regarded (and pricey) 2016 international signing class spent last spring in Peoria. Only six members of the current class are here this spring, while 24 more are part of camp at the Dominican academy with 27 others who remain there from the 2017 season.

Highlighting the group who are stateside for the first time are Australian infielder Jarryd Dale, who played alongside Buddy Reed and Gabrial Arias for Canberra this winter, and Venezuelan outfielder Angel Solarte, who turns 17 later this month.

For several years, team leadership has talked of wanting to reach a time when they wouldn’t require minor league free agents to fill out rosters. With the competition both in big league camp and at the bottom of the system much deeper than it has been, only five minor league free agents (not including re-signings) added this winter are in camp today, a far cry from the 30 who arrived last spring looking for a spot in the organization.

Official minor league games begin on Thursday, March 15, with squads from four levels facing off against the Rangers system. Camp will break on April 1, with minor league seasons opening on Thursday, April 5.

Full Roster is below


RHP                                                                     Catchers

Acevedo, Angel                                              Allen, Austin

Anderson, Korey                                            Campusano, Luis

Arias, Luarbert                                                Cantu, Michael

Ashbeck, Elliot                                                 De La Cruz, Wilfri

Avila, Pedro                                                      Fernandez, Juan

Bachar, Lake                                                     Greene, Marcus

Baez, Michel                                                    Homza, Jonny

Bednar, David                                                  Hunt, Blake

Bellinger, Cole                                                 Kennedy, AJ

Bencomo, Edwuin                                         Lezama, Jose

Blueberg, Colby                                              Nieto, Arturo

Bolanos, Ronald                                              Overstreet, Kyle

Boushley, Caleb                                              Perez, Blinger

Brasoban, Yimmi                                            Quintero, Alison

Carkuff, Jared                                                  Roman, Luis

Carrasco, Martin                                             Seagle, Chandler

Colletti, Tom                                                    Villalobos, Janigson

Cordero, Starlin                                              Washington, Jalen

Cosme, J.C.

DeHorta, Adrian                                             Infielders

Diaz, Miguel                                                     Alarcon, Kelvin

DiSabatino, Dom                                            Almanzar, Luis

Erb, Dalton                                                        Anguizola, Luis

Espinoza, Anderson                                      Aragon, Bryant

Frank, Trevor                                                   Arias, Gabriel

Galindo, Jose                                                   Baker, Chris

Guerrero, Jordan                                           Barley, Jordy

Guzman, Jonathan                                        Basabe, Olivier

Guzman, Oliber                                              Batten, Matthew

Guzman, Manny                                            Belen, Carlos

Henry, Henry                                                   Dale, Jarryd

Huffman, Chris                                                Feight, Nick

Jester, Jason                                                    France, Ty

Johnson, Erik                                                   Giron, Ruddy

Keating, Sam                                                    Gowdy, Denzell

Kennedy, Brett                                               Guerra, Javier

Kulman, Spencer                                            Ilarraza, Reinaldo

Kuzia, Nick                                                        Landinez, Yerri

Lawson, Reggie                                               Lopez, Justin

Lemond, Zech                                                 Luis, Carlos

Lloyd, Kyle                                                        Marcano, Tucupita

Lockett, Walker                                              Mattison, Chris

Lopez, Frank                                                    Melean, Kelvin

Lopez, Diomar                                                 Naylor, Josh

Mariot, Michael                                              Paulsen, Justin

Martinez, Adrian                                            Perez, Fernando

Megill, Trevor                                                  Pineda, Jason

Miliano, Michell                                              Potts, Hudson

Miller, Evan                                                      Rosario, Eguy

Miller, Vijay                                                      Ruiz, Esteury

Munoz, Andres                                               Rutherford, Cole

Newman, Chandler                                       Skender, Ethan

Nix, Jacob                                                          Stevens, River

Ochoa, Duilio                                                   Tansel, Deion

Paddack, Chris                                             Torres, Bryan

Patino, Luis                                                    Van Gansen, Pete

Quantrill, Cal                                                Williams, Jaquez

Ramirez, Emmanuel                                   Young, GK

Reyes, Gerardo                                             Zunica, Brad

Rodriguez, Hansel

Rogers, Blake                                                Outfielders

Scholtens, Jesse                                            Allday, Forrestt

Simmons, Seth                                             Asuncion, Luis

Simon, Harrison                                          Benson, Tyler

Smith, Jeremy                                              Bousfield, Auston

Smith, Austin                                               Boykin, Rod

Stillman, Will                                               Burgos, Aldemar

Sung, Wen-Hua                                            Carter, Tre

Taccolini, Dominic                                      Castro, Luis

Thompson, Mason                                       Easley, Nate

Torres, Wilmer                                             Gettys, Michael

Torres, Elias                                                  Gillespie, Cole

Valdez, Dauris                                              House, Mason

Weir, TJ                                                          Jarmon, Hunter

Wick, Rowan                                                Kohlwey, Taylor

Wilhelmsen, Tom                                         Lambert, Greg

Wingenter, Trey                                            Magee, Josh

Zimmerman, Mark                                       Moreno, Edwin

.                                                                        Olivares, Edward

LHP                                                                  Olmo, Dayon

Allen, Logan                                                   Ona, Jorge

Cabrera, Jose                                                  Ornelas, Tirso

Cantillo, Joey                                                  Podorsky, Robbie

Castillo, Jose                                                   Reed, Buddy

Cosgrove, Thomas                                         Reyes, Franmil

Cruz, Omar                                                     Rosario, Jeisson

Dallas, Dan                                                     Ruiz, Agustin

Fernandez, Omar                                          Santos, Angel

Garcia, Alan                                                   Schulz, Nick

Gore, MacKenzie                                           Solarte, Angel

Headean, Will                                                Suwinski, Jack

Hernandez, Osvaldo                                     Torres, Nick

Keel, Jerry

Leasher, Aaron

Margevicius, Nick

Morejon, Adrian

Overton, Dillon

Perez, Ramon Ernesto

Radke, Travis

Schlichtholz, Fred

Sexton, Daniel

Sheckler, Ben

Vela, Noel

Wieck, Brad

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