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So it begins - games 1-3 of 19 - Padres versus Dodgers

I don't know about all of you but after a nice two week gets real tonight at Petco.

Rivalry baseball in April......hell yeah 🙂

Go PADS!!!

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Brian Connelly

Saturday evening is LA and the Padres jump out on top 2-0 after getting the first two on thursday and friday beating both Buehler and Kershaw. Just the fact the Padres DIDN'T get stifled by those guys is huge.....tonight against Bauer....Tatis...BIG FLY and 20 mil Wil comes across on a nice piece of hitting by Profar.....just solid baseball and if the rest of the season meetings between these teams are like what we have seen so far it is going to be some good fun at the ballyard all summer long......Go Padres !!!