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Pedro Avila


Not sure on how this is calculated for Avila but even if he clears waivers and is assigned to the minors isn’t he getting close to being a 6 year minor league FA? He started playing in 2015. Not sure how the timeline for minor league FA is modified for major injuries or 40 man roster time (but in the minors).

I guess some thinking has to consider his control period v his chance of recovering from TJ, developing into ML quality, and bumping the higher rated prospects. Will take time for him to evolve into a decent trade chip. Maybe time is really against his run with the Padres.

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Avila DFA’d to make room for Pomeranz.


Decent chance he goes unclaimed, but more likely another team "poaches" him with certainty of DFA'ing him at a later date before ST to stash him & let him rehab off their 40-man roster.

Basically that is what the Padres have done.

Anyone know which teams still have 40 man roster space available and, of those, who would be better off using that roster space for a Rule 5 selection. Not sure any team with a full 40 man will DFA someone to add an Avila who will not pitch much in 2020 ... good but not elite prospect.

Actually no big loss if he is claimed ... plus pick up a few bucks on the waiver price.

It's what they're TRYING to do.  Avila was pretty close to MLB ready, made the fill in start, but loses a year now and on my list #18-19 on the Roster + System SP depth chart...  He would be much higher than that on many other teams.  Guessing we lose him, but save $550K not carrying him on IL all year.

Best case probably for both sides.  Keep Avila & Miguel Diaz on Minors deals in system to rehab then try to work their way back.  Opens up roster room & saves what would have been dead $ for IL all year Avila, ? Diaz

Both Diaz and Avila signed to minor deals

San Diego Padres 2020 Top 50 Prospects

33. Pedro Avila, RHP (‘19 Midseason Rank – 28)
Age: 22
2019 Highest Level: MLB
2019 Stats: 5.25 ERA, 1.25 WHIP, 31 K, 9 BB, 24 IP
Avila actually made his debut in 2019 with some nice success, but he will be out for the 2020 season with Tommy John surgery. He’s young enough to still have plenty of success, but to me, this will put him at the back of the line of a crop of great pitching prospect. Hopefully, his comeback will be quick and he can pick up where he left off in 2019. ETA: 2021



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