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Padres vs Reds


Wow...that was a nail biter.

Yates got it done when he had to but 3 days in a row might be a touch much

I doubt he is avail tomorrow....the rest of the bullpen is a grab bag but I would have Munoz finish if the save comes up. Triple digit heat with a decent breaking ball at 87-89 works. Munoz looks more like a pitcher than Reyes who is just a thrower that has no idea where his pitch will go.

A win is a win 🙂

Go Pads !!!!!!!!

They need to extend Yates.  Guy is exactly what you want in a closer.  And he's also the type of guy who won't be a prima donna if Munoz surpasses him & he falls back to 8th inning role.  Stud.

Yates won't pitch in any circumstance today.  They really  need a good outing from Quantrill with a bullpen day tomorrow AND no Yates.  You're right; I might give the save opportunity to Munoz today.

Bullpen day today .... Stratham gets the “start” and only Munoz is not in the plan.

Padres apparently are adding Yardley to the pen ... TBD who is moved off the 25 man roster ... Yardley has to be added to the 40 man (not a problem at this time).

Quote from fenn68 on August 21, 2019, 6:37 am

Bullpen day today .... Stratham gets the “start” and only Munoz is not in the plan.

Padres apparently are adding Yardley to the pen ... TBD who is moved off the 25 man roster ... Yardley has to be added to the 40 man (not a problem at this time).

In a surprise ... Jankowski is optioned to AAA.

That sets up a 14 man pitching staff which given the pen usage and general innings limitations on the young arms make sense BUT that means 11 position players ... 3 man bench with one being the back-up catcher. Severely crimps Green's ability to PH or double switch over then next 10 days.

If they wanted to go back to 12 position players before that ... not sure who they add ... maybe Allen or even Olivares who both are on the 40 man? Do they add a marginal who is not in the plans for the future for "fill" for the rest of the season? Some non-prospect AAA types who maybe deserve a look / recognition?

Second thought is the growing likelihood that Jankowski is heading for non-tender / DFA at the end of the season ... maybe a trade "throw-in". I guess it depends on how the winter 40 man shakes out ... but Jankowski will not make much in arbitration and is a legit defensive option in CF on a 26 man 2020 roster. Without a better option than Myers to back up Margot in CF ... would seem premature to let Jankowski go.

Jankowski didn't hit much in the inflated AAA circuit and as much as I like his game he reminds me a Asuaje with a bat and we all know what happened with him. To many young guys pushing that have better hitting upside and hopefully average defense ; see Naylor. The way Baseball is going it seems that the game is going away from stud defense in favor of long ball potential and hopefully a .230 average or better.......both things that Jankowski can't do.

The Padres have already sent Reyes packing as the main piece in the Tramell deal.....does he get a look ?

Probably 2 years early on seeing Trammel ... he too much of a upside prospect to be a ML sub now plus isn’t even hitting .200 in AA. Better chance we see Reed in 2020 ... and that is near zero.

If they move off Jankowski (not convinced they will yet) as the LHH back-up CF .... we might see that player acquired in the off-season.

Appears to me there is a shortage of quality all around CF in MLB ... so finding an upgrade starter is not likely ... Margot can at least play defense so seems to locking down a spot. With the defensively challenged Naylor, Myers, and maybe Cordero lurking in 2020 here is a case where some defense is a plus. Still makes a case for keeping Jankowski as the 26th man.

In today’s game ... ugly play by Naylor .... ugly play by Myers in CF ... and just a bad route / decision by Renfroe. Need some strategic bench options (if not starters) to balance that out ... even if it is just late innings.

Hosmer trying to hit a 3 run homer to win it leading off the 9th with no one on base.



This has been some ugly ugly baseball.

70 strikeouts total in a 3 game series?

That's almost 12 per team per game....for all three games!

I almost don't recognize this game and it makes me sad.

No situational one can bunt...everyone swinging for the fences even when it's to the detriment of the

team and apparently no one in the Org. cares.

Can't we get someone who can hit the ball to the right side of the field to move runners when it's needed?

Can't the coaches instruct the hitters that they don't have to swing with 100% of their strength in every situation?

May this have something to do with all the oblique injuries?

Hosmers' AB in the 9th was a perfect example.

We were down by 2 runs and he's leading off the inning....I remember(not long ago) when the goal for him would have been to just get on base any way he can.

This...............wait for it.........brings the tying run to the plate!

Instead he's trying for the solo HR.

This is starting to take some of the enjoyment of baseball from me and after 50 years it's really a shame.






On your side on this one ... just getting tougher to watch.

Did hear someone on MLB Network a few day back relating that he was speaking with some players (none identified) as to why they did not try to steal more (using this as a surrogate for not doing any of the traditional moves to win for the team).

Basically, a lot of those little things don’t help the stats the are used in determining their future pay. Sure that is not all players but an interesting factor in how a player chooses to play.

Probably add the media (always have to put some blame on the media) who get over excited about the pitcher and his strikeouts or the hitter and the HR ... launch angle ... exit velocity ... distance. IF that is what the environment wants ... the analytics suggest is smart ... what is a player to do but model his game to mirror that.

Not good for we old guys who have grown up with a version of baseball that is passing ... but we too are shrinking in numbers. The issue for baseball is how baseball replaces us with new fans and if they keep just asking the current fans who stick with the sport ... not going to get it. Should be surveying the non-fans (especially fans of other sports) as to why they don’t choose baseball and with a lot of focus on the sub-30 age group.

Baseball will last ... but runs the risk of falling way behind Football, Basketball, Soccer and become a niche sport ... lower revenues ... less profitable franchises ... etc.

It used to be hitters hated striking out.

2 or 3 in the same game........Unforgivable.

Now.....everyone strikes out all the one cares.

Golden Sombrero they don’t even think about it the next day.

The stigma of striking out is swing away!

Doing “the little things” to win are no longer of any interest to hitters.

Its hit it as far as you can or else....and the “or else” doesn’t matter negatively in any way as long as it’s followed up by

“hitting it a long way” the next game...or the next one.

Using Pete Alonso as an example.

He could hit .210 and make 30 errors at 1b but if he hits 45-50 HR’s there is “no way” he wouldn’t win ROY.

MLB got what they wanted when they looked the other way during the steroid they’ve got it again with the “new” baseball.