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Padres vs Phillies


Doggone it....was hoping for a clean start for Paddack but the Phillies are in the WC chase and playing tough

Interesting lineup today

Go Pads!!!

What are Paddack's numbers against good teams?

He sure seems to thrive on the basement dwellers and gets POUNDED by those occupying the penthouse.

5-0 and no Tatis.

This sucks.



Paddack had a great start against the Dodgers.....and our dueled DeGrom.


Rookie who did not have a full season in AA and pitching more than ever. Might want to wait before making a long term evaluation of Paddack ... he still needs to develop his pitching smarts / command ... stuff is fine.

Good to hear his stuff plays at the MLB level. He just needs to learn how to put guys away when he's ahead in the count, especially 0-2( read somewhere he's given up a majority of HR's when he's ahead 0-2?)

Just frustrating. Other teams bring up first year guys who compete at high levels and maintain their health. We just NEVER seem to be able to pull it off. Oh well, if the kids can eventually put it all together, this won't matter.

What the?

Renfroe finally gets a hit...leads off the inning with a double.....and then runs right into an out on a ground ball right to the Third Baseman?

Just like that inning over.

I really wish the baseball Gods would bring back the first half of this season when Padre baseball was fun.


Did seem as though Renfroe went brain dead on that play ... only thing I can think was he thought there was 2 outs ... not good.

They won, so good on the hitting / RP but a couple of defensive concerns:

1. While both Renfroe and Naylor display strong arms ... neither one displays much accuracy or the ability to hit the cut-off man. MIGHT give some slack to Naylor being an OF for just over a year and still learning but Renfroe has been an OF for his career ... too much focus on velocity and not enough on setting up an accurate throw? He is leading MLB in OF assists ... so can’t be too critical but still frustrating.

2. Albeit just a couple of views of France at 2B, maybe “emergency only” 2B. Does not look to have the agility / range or glove.

Joey L throws a dominant 6.

The gas can is now on the mound.... fingers crossed 🤞

Love it!

AG has removed the gas can after 3 batters and allowing a hit.

C'mon Strahm!