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On this date in Padres' history ...

A good day for Andy Benes in 1994 ...

Andy Benes (SDP, 1994): 8.0 IP, 0 ER, 2 H, 1 BB, 14 K, 91 GmSc

Benes was a horse for the Padres in the mid-90's before impending FA led them to trade him to Seattle.  Players they got from Seattle eventually allowed them land Greg Vaughn from Milwaukee in time for his memorable 50 HR year.  Unfortunately, he too was gone within a year.  Benes never reached the same heights with other teams as he did with San Diego but loved his competitiveness - his size reminds me of recently drafted Cole Wilcox and we can only hope that Wilcox gets close to those kind of results that a young Benes did.

Pretending today is July 5th 🙂  Andy Ashby had a GREAT day!

Least pitches in a 9-inning complete game (since 1988, when we first have consistent pitch count data)

Player Date Tm Pit
Aaron Cook 2007‑07‑25 COL 74
Carlos Silva 2005‑05‑20 MIN 74
Andy Ashby 1998‑07‑05 SDP 75
Bob Tewksbury 1990‑08‑29 STL 75
Greg Maddux 1997‑07‑22 (1) ATL 77
Jon Lieber 2001‑05‑24 CHC 78
Aaron Cook 2008‑07‑01 COL 79
Tom Glavine 1993‑06‑15 ATL 79
Bob Tewksbury 1990‑08‑17 STL 79
Kevin Brown 1990‑06‑20 TEX 79

Pretending today is July 4th ... because Matt Olson's recent 1st inning Grand Slam from the "clean up" slot in the the line up reminded me ...

On July 4th, 1978, I was at Candlestick Park ...

... and Dave Winfield knocked in Gene Richards + Ozzie Smith + Fernando Gonzalez with a 1st inning Grand Slam 🙂