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Hudson Potts


Time for him to get his own thread ... featured at ...

Toolshed: Potts growing into prominent role

Padres slugger adjusted well early in career ahead of AFL stint

A Home Run and a Stolen Base during a 2-for-5 day in Peoria ...

Jake (Minneapolis, MN): 

    How close was Potts? Is he strictly a 3B, or is a switch indicated?

Kyle Glaser: Potts is strictly a 3B and a good one, although he can flip over to 1B as needed. He's a good prospect with a good bit to like, but he was fairly clearly a shade below the Top 10 tier.


David (San Diego): 

    With the current hole at 3rd base for the Padres, who do you see in the system making the biggest impact there? Big fan of Potts, but France has shown a lot of potential. Perhaps someone even lower than AA?

Kyle Glaser: Potts would be the guy in the system who makes the biggest impact long-term, but there is a strong sense the Padres will need more. The comp for him is Trevor Plouffe. A fine player with power who started in his best years, but no one would ever confuse him for a first-division, championship-level starter. In that sense, the Padres may be best served trading for a third baseman when their expected window of contention opens.

Adam (Boston): 

    How close was Hudson Potts to making the top 10? What were the opinions you heard on him?

Kyle Glaser: I answered the first part about Potts earlier. Potts is good, people like him but don't love him. He's made some really impressive strides at 3B and the power is real. At the same time, there are a lot of holes in the swing that were visible even to non-scouts - breaking stuff under his hands, velocity outside - that lead to a lot of skepticism he'll make enough contact to be a true everyday player. I think he's a big leaguer, but as I said before, it's probably more in the contributor category.

Infield prospect Hudson Potts continued his torrid spring in a "B" game against the White Sox. He swatted a long home run to left field on an 0-2 pitch. The 20-year-old Potts has been one of the most impressive youngsters in Padres camp, and his power has drawn rave reviews.

Good sign ... still likely 2019 in AA and 2020 in AAA so time to get more development. Still would like to see him get some OF time over the next two seasons either to increase his trade value or to insert him into that utility role for the Padres in 2021 (corner OF/1B/2B/3B) ... a couple of years in that role and in 2023 he could slide in for Myers (option declined) or Hosmer (opts out).

First he has to develop as a ML hitter ... can wait to see.

A moonshot from Potts through the wind today. Good stuff from the #15 prospect, according to .

Potts with a dramatic walk off homer.

Finally starting to put it together at the plate.


From today's DFR ... not a good season for Potts ...

Hudson Potts continued his hot charge toward the end of the season, connecting on his 15th homer of the year and extending his hitting streak to six. The 20-year-old infielder has struck out just five times in his last 58 plate appearances, but also hasn’t drawn a walk in that stretch. He’s posted an .824 OPS at home for the year, but has an ugly .190/.248/.327 line on the road.

Not the AFL performance I/we were hoping for ...

.182/.200/.273 in 34 PAs so far 🙁

Michael (San Diego):

    Most likely to (re?)-establish any optimistic about his floor in 2020: Jorge Ona, Hudson Potts or Esteury Ruiz? Any of them viable future everyday big leaguers in your mind at this point?

Kyle Glaser: Potts is the one with the youth, the carrying tool (power) and the ability to play the infield. (Ruiz can't do it). He's the one with the best chance, as you'll see with our rankings and grades in the Prospect Handbook.