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David Bednar

I'm liking this guy ... A LOT ...

Here's a comment about him from FanGraphs ... which talks about 3 guys that I think are likely to contribute to 2020 bullpen ... and beyond!

San Diego Padres — RHP Ronald Bolaños, RHP Javy Guerra, RHP David Bednar, CF Travis Jankowski

Guerra, a converted shortstop who was part of the Craig Kimbrel return from Boston, is the big story here, and he may be an impact bullpen piece on the next contending Padres team. He’s ranked 30th in a loaded system. Bednar (38th on the Padres list) and Bolaños (39th) both project as relievers for me long-term. Bednar has the better secondary stuff of the two, while Bolaños has better fastball control, he’s throwing harder this year (I have him up to 99), and he’s a little younger.

Don’t want to jump too quickly on the Bednar bandwagon ... but he has the look of the next Kirby Yates ... both body type and stuff. Small ML sample size but encouraging.

Add that I also like what I saw in Guerra’s stuff ... velocity and movement. He looks to me as holding his 40 man roster spot this winter and making the 26 man roster next year (out of options).

Bendnar, Guerra, Bolanos, added to Munoz  set up a potential top notch RHRP contingent for a long time ... the Castillo on the LH side ... good.

I like Bednar too. He is 3 inches taller than Kirby and his fastball is 2 mph faster, but without the splitter there can be no comparison. That is what makes Yates special. Yes, we have tons of bullpen talent. Morejon, Baez & Munoz have already proven valuable. Guerra and Rojas have shown huge promise. We have like 4 or 5 other guys in the minors who hit triple digits out of the bullpen. If only a few of all these guys work out the team will be set.

Jacob (Wilmington, NC):

    Does David Bednar have late inning "stuff"?

Kyle Glaser: More middle relief, but you need those guys. A lot of games are lost in the 6th/7th innings.