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CJ Abrams


Some good video in today's DFR ...

Along with this nugget ...

CJ Abrams got to the TinCaps faster than any Padres high school draftee.

For the record ...

good news on 1st-round pick CJ Abrams. Was in SD getting tests on shoulder. Injured diving into bag 2 nights ago. Diagnosis: bone bruise. Likely out 2 weeks.

BA sez ...

Doug (Centennial):

    Do you think that either CJ Abrams or Xavier Edwards will switch to center field to possibly take over at some point?Also how are scouts assessing their progress at short defensively?

Kyle Glaser: Abrams. He’ll make the move at some point and become the Padres’ center fielder of the future. Edwards has already moved to second base. That’s his position long-term. The arm isn’t there for shortstop.

Howard (Seattle, WA):

    Who’s stock has increased the most since the 2019 draft? If you re did the top 5 would it look any different that it went?

Kyle Glaser: With the caveat that you should never, ever, ever go crazy (in either direction) based on complex league stats/performance, some of the early reviews on Abrams are definitely pointing in the direction that he should have gone higher than No. 6.

When asked who stood out during instructs, Kemp mentioned first-round pick Abrams, who hit .400 before finishing the regular season on the injured list with a shoulder injury. Abrams is 100 percent healthy and is facing no restrictions going forward.

“I love what [Abrams] is doing,” said Kemp. He’s a team guy; he speaks more Spanish than I do. It took me five years just to learn a little bit. C.J. can go most of the day and just speak Spanish to all the infielders. It’s fun to watch.”

Padres: C.J. Abrams, SS (No. 4/MLB No. 45) - The 2019 Georgia Gatorade high school player of the year’s speed and athleticism set him apart from most others in the 2019 Draft, where he was also viewed as one of the better prep hitters in the class before signing with San Diego as the No. 6 overall pick. The teenager has game-changing speed, with the instincts to develop into a premium basestealer, and has drawn comparisons to Dee Gordon. Abrams’ advanced left-handed bat enables him to hit for both average and power, and he’s going to offer plenty of defensive value with his incredible wheels and range even if he’s forced to move off shortstop.

Abrams vs. Carroll (How Close Are They?):

    Hi Kyle, thanks for chatting with us today. Both CJ Abrams and Corbin Carroll were lauded as 2 of the top 3 HS bats in the draft and hit the ground running. Both crushed rookie ball and ended up either at LoA or the NW league to end the season. Abrams gets most of the attention with his athleticism and size, but Carroll showed surprisingly high exit velos. Do you think both are within 10-15 spots of each other when the 2020 top 100 comes out next month?

Kyle Glaser: 10-15 spots is a little too close. Carroll is very good, but Abrams outhit him and outslugged him by 100+ points at the plate, is faster and plays the infield. They're both excellent young players, but Abrams' athleticism and raw ability are just on another level. Abrams is a slam dunk Top 50 prospect, while Carroll probably ends up more toward the back of the Top 100.

The new MLBPipeline was just released with Abrams #27. What was impressive is that he scored a max "80" on the run skill (the only player to do so). Combine that with a plus "60" hit and a "55" field ... portends a very exciting Padre in a couple of years.

Timing could be such that would highlight him as an electric leadoff hitter at about the time were sitting Tatis in the middle of the order would make sense.

Hit .... run ... field ... we may have an elite game changer coming soon .... would be very reluctant to trade Abrams given the elite ceiling.

HUGE Abrams fan - he was the steal of the draft at #6.  Hope he is fully taking advantage of that developmental time at the alternative training site because he can play in the majors today at either CF or 2b; he's just got to slow the game down at the plate against the best pitchers in the game.  I think that 55 field goes to at least 60 if he moves to CF.  Exceptional hand/eye coordination and a body that will fill out to deliver extra base power if not better than average power for a 2b-man.  Don't think he is going anywhere but to Petco by 2022 at the latest.

Agree ... hard to guess the development value of being at the alternative site but he is facing much better pitching on a daily basis than he would have seen in A/A+ and that may get him a higher placement in the minors in 2021 (or maybe just an accelerated promotion to a higher level).

Always dangerous to use a Tatis, Acuna, Soto as a standard for a prospect to be promoted to the ML at age 20 BUT that does seem to be the current trend if they are elite ... and clearly that fits with Preller's mode (see Tatis and now Patino) ... so 2022 is a very real possibility. 2nd base or CF seem legit options ... maybe more based on how the OF and 2B unfold in 2021 and into 2022 with the development of Hassell / Head for the OF (maybe 2023) and Arias / Marcano for 2B (maybe 2022). Not forgetting if Cronenworth continues his development and maybe the under covered Miller who was quite effective as a AA hitter in his 1st full minor league season after being drafted ... he too is at that alternate site.

Both Marcano and Arias have to be protected this December and shouldn't be a problem with probably Profar  and Garcia going off the roster - Cronenworth replaces Garcia and Profar is too costly for limited production.   I like Marcano as the 2b option based on advanced contact/pitch recognition skills - his problem thus far has been a lack of strength/durability.   Arias had a great 2nd half last year and is tremendous defensively but prior to that 2nd half was chasing a lot and not that great of an eye.  Hassell and Head probably need at least two full years in the upper minors to develop and I'm still not that sold on Trammell even though I want to be.   These are good problems to have if our pitching develops like we think they will behind Paddack and Lamet.  I do think Richards re-signs with us to help bridge the gap to Gore.  We're competitive now but much more so in the next few years, especially if we get what we think we are going to get from Abrams and Campusano.  Remember Cronenworth, France, Campusano and Ivan Castillo (and Abrams if we had enough ABs) all won batting titles last year and its much tougher for a catcher with little speed to do that than any of these other players.  Just got to be a little patient to deal with the inevitable roster turnover and growing pains.