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Austin Allen


Chris (Connecticut): 

    What Padres prospects who missed the top 10 have a high likelihood of being impactful at the major league level?

Kyle Glaser: Austin Allen is going to get to the big leagues and he's going to hit. When all is said and done, I think he'll end up having more of a big league career than quite a few of the guys ranked above him. Lefthanded bats with his thump and ability to hit for average too don't get stuck in the minors, defensive questions be damned. He'll get his chance and I think he'll take advantage.

He's up!  Drew a walk in his 1st MLB plate appearance!

Here's the perspective from ...

He will take the roster slot of Francisco Mejia (knee) who was sent to the 10-day injured list on Saturday. Allen is a good-hitting catching prospect who was slashing .279/.358/.529 with six homers and 16 RBI at Triple-A. He hit 22 home runs in each of the last two minor league seasons. He will back up starter Austin Hedges behind the plate for the Padres and could get a long look if Mejia's knee injury turns out to be severe.

Would love if he can keep the backup at least. nice left right combo with Hedges

If Allen can stick that would allow us to leave Mejia in AAA for a couple months to get his swing back.

Either for call up or to “rebuild” some trade value.


From today's DFR ... hoping he's an under-the-radar gem ...

Catcher Austin Allen had three hits as well, including his 19th big fly of 2019. Like Rodriguez, Allen is also hitting .444 over his last ten games, with just four strikeouts in 45 plate appearances. Overall, Allen is hitting a ridiculous .400/.422/.800 in August.

Well, he may make the catching situation interesting in 2020. Always had the reputation of a hitter with poor defense (the anti-Hedges) but how much can you trust the 2019 PCL stats and hard to evaluate his improvement (if any) on defense.

Meanwhile Mejia’s bat is solidifying his role as one of the ML catchers .... Hedges is who he is ... and pushing Allen out of AAA is Torrens coming up from AA. Allen is not “young” (25ish) but a LHH catcher who can hit is just valuable even as the “back-up”.

Plus in the longer view ... Torrens and Campusano maybe be better all around catching prospects.

Might turn into a winter debate on the Padres dealing either Hedges or Allen ... depending on who can generate the better return (likely in a bigger deal).

I would say that Hedges would be my preference to trade at this time. And I would guess from the pursuit of Realmuto last off season that Preller is probably thinking along the same lines. In the NL without the DH (at this time) just can not carry a defense only catcher in SD. I can see a team like BOS or NYY being intrigued by the defense of Hedges since their offenses are so strong.

Looked at a couple of teams in the AL that really don’t have much in the catching department but are contenders (or close).

First, Houston 27th in catcher offense .... will still have an elite pitching staff plus a ton of hitting next season and the manager is an ex-catcher.

Second, Tampa Bay  25th in catcher offense ... again in the running with pitching being a key element plus are “low cost” operators and Hedges is not all that pricey.

Third, Texas .... currently 29th in catching offense ... so maybe adding plus defense is their better alternative.

Basically they are contending with poor offense out of the catching position, so will not lose much offensively but gain by adding the top defensive catcher ... at a reasonable salary. Might make sense to them.

Wild card may be WASH ... catching slot is hitting but bad defensively ... have an elite pitching staff and some good offense in other holes ... might move to maximize the pitching advantage.

The other option, even though its still the NL, would be the NYM. There were rumors earlier this season that they are not enamored with their catching situation since their catching options are not very good defensively. With that pitching staff, could they be able/willing to sacrifice some offense for an extremely strong defensive catcher?

11. Austin Allen, C, Padres
Team: Triple-A El Paso (Pacific Coast)
Age: 25
Why He’s Here: .474/.474/1.158 (9-for-19), 4 R, 4 2B, 3 HR, 9 RBIs, 4 SO

The Scoop: Yet another power binge helped Allen earn his third callup of the season to San Diego. There’s little doubt that Allen can bring a team lefthanded power. What is not yet clear is if Allen’s defense is going to be good enough for him to earn a regular spot on the Padres’ roster. Austin Hedges is much better defensively, while Francisco Mejia has shown enough to be remain ahead of Allen in the Padres’ pecking order so far. Allen can commiserate with Ty France, another El Paso star who has just recently gotten a shot in San Diego. (JJ)