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Kevin Charity has written for MadFriars since 2015 and has had work featured on Fox Sports San Diego. He is a lifelong San Diego native and is looking forward to seeing the current wave of prospects thrive in San Diego.


  1. So difficult to become a consistent hitter, especially when you start out at 16 or 17 years old. Marcano, Edwards and Campusano (and of course, Tatis Jr.!) are the exceptions but Arias, Justin Lopez, Esteury Ruiz and even Jorge Ona and Olivares seem to be making progress slowly. Look forward to some of these guys breaking out in the future!


  2. […] more than anyone in the entire system. The shortstop belted 17 homers and produced a .809 OPS while flashing the tools to be an elite defender. The 19-year-old improved as the season went along and he produced a .909 OPS in the second […]


  3. […] Arias is a future big league shortstop. The question is whether he’s a star at the position or a flashy […]


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